Educational ePortfolio software
for improved learning outcomes

Innovative, efficient and easy to use, the award-winning Complete Assessment Feedback System (CAFS) allows students, tutors and admin staff to manage the monitoring and assessment process from one central and secure app and web-based portal.

The software can manage and track assessment and testing processes such as competency testing, gateway and OSCE testing. The software also provides student led recording of learning, reflections and practical experience, include clinical experience.

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Our specially developed educational portfolio software has been designed to:

Improve student assessments, monitoring, reporting and feedback

Enhance student and tutor communications and treatment reflections

Reduce paperwork and administration

Meet regulator criteria for professional registration

ePortfolio for students

CAFS can aid the student’s professional development, with tools for recording treatments and monitoring their progress.

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Easier assessments for tutors

Our software gives tutors a comprehensive student management and monitoring platform for both individual students and groups.

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Smart, seamless admin

Everything can be managed online, in real time, with the ability to edit procedures and controls, plus collate absence and performance data at the click of a button.

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This versatile and intuitive eportfolio software provides a critical reporting and feedback loop between student and teacher, allowing everyone to work more efficiently and effectively.

If you’d like a demonstration of CAFS, or for more information about how it can help your clinical training processes, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Using CAFS in a Dental School

With a handy smartphone/tablet app, students can upload the details of every treatment, while tutors monitor progress and admin staff manage the interface.

At every stage, it saves time and improves the learning journey, while offering plenty of additional features designed to enhance dental school learning and management.

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