We developed the Complete Assessment Feedback System (CAFS) to make every aspect of learning, teaching and administration a breeze.

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ePortfolio Software for – Admin and Management

We developed the Complete Assessment Feedback System (CAFS) to make every aspect of learning, teaching and administration a breeze.

Accessed via a secure web-based portal and with a supporting HTML5 app to enable use during treatment sessions, the system allows management and administration staff to keep track of all student/teacher activity in one easy place.

Administrators and managers can use CAFS to:

By collating all the student information on one comprehensive system, admin and management team can work more efficiently and access information at the touch of a few buttons.

Tailored interface

The CAFS interface can be adjusted according to each school’s requirements, tailoring the system to meet individual business models, internal culture and regulations. Procedures available in the app can be changed and controlled with ease.

Reporting and reviewing

Student activity reports can be aggregated for an ‘at a glance’ view of student performance, both by individual learners and year groups. Reports can be used to review progress, highlight attendance concerns and reflect on overall activity.

Student/patient/tutor feedback

Patients can be asked for feedback which can be recorded directly on the app, but more importantly, it also allows students and their tutors to exchange comments and record their reflections on each treatment, while in progress, or after the session has ended.

Manage users and criteria

The intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to add, remove and edit system users, and adapt the system according to any new criteria or regulations. Digital documentation can be created to provide qualifying evidence while simultaneously reducing laborious admin tasks.

Measure and identify

With all information being stored in the same format, issues with students’ progress or gaps in learning can be easily identified. For example, you can see if students are falling behind on certain treatments, allowing admin teams to find the right kind of patients for specific treatments.

Rather than trying to manage physical paperwork for every assessment, treatment and student, the CAFS system brings everything together in one place, and allows changes to be rolled out to all teachers and students en mass, rather than managing each student individually.

This innovative software for schools is completely flexible, so we can ensure it meets your every need – drop us a line to arrange a demo, so you can see the benefits for yourself!

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