Dental ePortfolio App – Benefits for Students

The Clinical Assessment Feedback System (CAFS) includes an intuitive, easy to use HTML5 dental school app that can be used by students to help them manage and monitor their learning.

This app has been designed to ensure that every aspect of a student’s learning progress can be managed on one central system, and can be used on tablet computers and smartphones – both Apple and Android.

It enables dental students to:

The dental school app provides a place to communicate with their teachers and assess where they are and how they’re doing throughout their learning journey.

How can the CAFS app help dental students?

Controlled by selected administrators through a secure web-based portal, the interface can be adjusted according to each schools requirements, but some of the fantastic features it offers for students include:

Record treatment sessions and details

Every student treatment session needs to be recorded in detail. The app provides a ‘walk-through’ recording process, where they can input procedures undertaken, teeth treated, and the materials and techniques used – whether it’s a patient, lab or simulation treatment.

Student/patient/tutor feedback

Patients can be asked for feedback which can be recorded directly on the app, but more importantly, it also allows students and their tutors to exchange comments and record their reflections on each treatment, while in progress, or after the session has ended.

Review and compare progress

Students can keep tracks on their treatment session history and check their grade averages so they can easily see the areas where they need to improve. Additionally, they can also monitor their progress in relation to their whole year group for a broader overview.

No internet? No problem!

Not all treatment rooms and lab facilities have an internet connection, but with the CAFS dental school app, that doesn’t present a problem. The app will record and store all details, ready to upload to the server once their device is connected to the internet.

The CAFS app allows dental school students to constantly monitor their performance, and provides a quick and easy way to record their learning details – which of course offers plenty of benefits for teachers too.

For more information about the web portal and dental school app, or to request a demonstration of the software, please contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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