Release: 2.0.18

Competency tests

Competency Tests can now be grouped into filters which are presented in the App interface.

Competency Test can be searched in the App interface using a text search

Reports now all show the EARLIEST recorded pass for each competency test.

Fixed 2 minor bugs in display of competency tests in individual report

Limit Clinic options in the App for a given Specialty

This allows us to display only certain Clinic options for certain Specialties where appropriate. This makes the App interface simpler.


The user interface can now be configured to generate a feedback "token" code, which can be used by the patient to access a separate feedback website and give feedback at a later date.

A new configuration setting determines whether a patient feedback interface is presented when the student saves a Treatment Session

The interface can also be configured to change the number of questions shown, and nominate one or more persistent questions.


The marking screen can now be configured to change the grading criteria and ok / not ok fields. The advisory text for each grading criteria is also now fully customisable.

The teacher marking screen can be configured to validate marking criteria in one of two ways:

  • "autolock" (current default behaviour) - the app will automatically lock the treatment session if all marking criteria, or will present a popup to the teacher asking them if they have finished marking the treatment session. If they answer "Yes" then the treatment session will be locked.
  • "remind" - if the teacher has not completed all of the required marking criteria, a popup will appear asking them to check their marking. They can either go back to check the marking again, or select "save anyway" and continue to save. Sessions will not be automatically locked unless the teacher has completed all marking criteria.

Different marking criteria can be used for different Treatment Session Types. 
For example: "Live Patient" treatment may have a full set of marking criteria, whilst a "Clinic Assist" may have only an overall Session Grade.
Individual student reports can be configured to display different grading criteria in the header of individual treatment sessions of different types

Colour coded grade buttons:
We can now set negative grades to display as red when selected, rather than green, better indicating a negative grade.

Customisable Session Type behaviour

We can change the App behaviour depending on the Session Type selected by the user when entering a new session.
For example: 
- a "Clinic Assist" may add a "Clinic Assist" procedure automatically, and not permit adding / removal of procedures.
- an "Observation" may skip the procedure entry screen entirely.
We can also change the grading criteria depending upon the user's Session Type selection.

Customisable Treatment Session details screen

The "Patient Reference" field and "Chair Number" fields can be configured to not be displayed.

Radiographs / Imaging

The radiograph input can be configured to display different radiograph type, and to enable / disable the "Competency" and "Justification" controls on individual radiograph input rows.

User Management

In addition to allowing creation of a new user with a username and password pre-set, the User system also now allows a user to be "invited" to the system, sending them an invite email which requires them to set their own password.

Bulk invitations are available upon request, whereby user creation invites can be send to (for example) a new year group en masse.


When a teacher logged in on a student's device and locked the treatment session, the treatment session was remaining unlocked after save. This bug has now been fixed.

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