Release: 2.0.20

Patient feedback: general questions

It is now possible to create a category of patient feedback questions which deals with issues outside of the student's control, such as hospital facilities, etc.

The feedback system can be configured to load a different fixed random number of each type of question eg:

    "studentperformance": 4 ,
    "general": 2

Additional textareas in marking

It is now possible to add further textreas to your marking page, such as a "Learning Outcomes" field, for example.

Ability to attach events to marking controls

We can now dynamically update the marking screen based upon user input, such as presenting additional marking fields when a teacher marks a low grade, for example.

New "Reflections" columtype for Report builder

The user can now report on student reflection statistic in the report builder.

The reflections column type adds 3 columns:

  • Total number of reflections (INT)
  • Reflection ratio (total reflections / total sessions %)
  • Average reflection length (wordcount DOUBLE)

Aggregated reports: configurable marking

Aggregated reports now take account of the marking configuration. The CAFS Analysis report does still require certain specific marking elements, and this will be updated in the next release.

Configurable reports

The reporting system is now modular, allowing us to add, remove and customise reports on a per-installation basis.

We have also introduced a new reporting datasource framework and templating system, allowing us to introduce new report customisation options in forthcoming releases.

Aggregated patient feedback report

An new aggregated report of patient feedback shows the responses to each feedback question individually, aggregated per student. The report can be viewed as HTML or downloaded as .csv

Marking outcomes report

An new aggregated marking outcomes report shows all of the marking outcomes aggregated per student. The report can be viewed as HTML or downloaded as .csv

Individual student reflections & teacher feedback reporting

The individual student report can now be filtered to show only student reflections per session, and/or or only teacher feedback per session.

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