Release: 2.0.21

Record No Patients

A new optional user interface in the CAFS App allows students to record when they have no patient booked for a given clinical session.

Configurable Patient Attendance Values

The CAFS App can now be configured to offer different attendance values when recording a treatment session. For example: instead of "Attended" or "Did not attend" the interface can also over "Patient over 30 minutes late" allowing the student to record when a patient was late for their allotted treatment time.

Manage Term/Semesters and Term Date Ranges

A new set of management interfaces in the CAFS Portal allows appropriately authorised admins to configure school terms/semesters and their date ranges. Term dates can then be linked to term targets for reporting purposes.

List of Teachers Seen in Individual Report

The Individual Student Report now shows a list of teacher seen by the student, and the number of times each teacher has marked a treatment session for the student.

Filter Competency Test Reports by Tags

The competency test report, now allows competency test reports to filtered by the competency test tags.

Configurable Radiography/Imaging Reports

Radiography reports now take account of the configured elements in the radiography controls.

Download Individual Reports by Student Group

Appropriately authorised CAFS Portal users can now download all individual student reports by a number of different grouping parameters (such as student year). The reports can be downloaded as a zip containing multiple individual documents, or a single multipage document.

New Report Templating Framework (beta)

Our new report templating framework allows us to configure multiple "report data elements" which can in turn be used to create multiple reports. It allows us to associate term / year targets for students with individual report data elements and the present report data in a format specified by the CAFS licensee.

The framework is currently still in beta, and we will be providing test reports including...

Clinical Experience Report (beta)

The Clinical experience report shows student performance for a specified subset of treatment activity and diligence indicators. It can be configured to display the criteria most suitable for your organisation.

Unmarked Treatment Session Emails

The CAFS platform can now be configured to send automated email reminders to teaching staff who have more than (n) unlocked / unmarked treatment sessions requiring their attention.


Fixed minor issue with student profile image uploads.
Fixed minor bug with optional additional marking criteria, causing marking to be reported as incomplete in the CAFS App UI.

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